Why Choose rhldirect.com?

At rhldirect.com we listen to what our customers tell us is important when selecting a ventilation product.

The primary criteria are:

  • Long lasting and Good Value for money and Economical to Run
  • Efficient and Powerful
  • Fix and forget with automatic controls
  • Security of investment and easy to maintain
  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Unobtrusive, quiet and aesthetically pleasing
  • Flexible solutions for the kitchen, bathroom and general living area, with a choice of controls, and fixing options – wall, ceiling or window.
  • Complies with all relevant regulations
  • Environmentally friendly solution

Why rhldirect.com Products

rhldirect.com manufacture technologically innovative products.  Our standard products are technologically superior and have features that many of our competitor’s offerings don’t.  Having the right feature set designed to a high standard make our products easy to use (intuitive), effective, efficient and unobtrusive with low cost of ownership.

It is not just about the initial outlay but the long term cost of ownership.  Keeping maintenance costs down and delivering longer life solutions means that we offer a cost effective solution. That is why many local authorities choose rhldirect.com products.  If required we are also able to custom design solutions.  Some of our innovative features are:


MagLev Technology

Our MagLev fans last 3 times longer than the average fan.  Our fans have a 50,000 hour life expectancy.  In practice under normal usage, (we assume that you will use your fan up to 4 hours in every 24), that means our fans will last for over 30 years. That’s longer than your typical mortgage!  This is because using magnetic levitation technology means there is zero physical friction, high temperature tolerance and almost silent running. 

Automatic Controls

With our patented Autostat technology rhldirect.com products are able to detect and respond to normal changes in domestic humidity.  This means that you do not need to manually adjust anything to retain the quality of air in your home.   For example, drying clothes results in a gradual increase in humidity.  Ambient and dynamic  humidity controllers, which only respond to fast changes in humidity, would not detect this subtle increase and therefore are not effective.  This feature is unique to rhldirect.com.

Double glazed window panel with integrated vents.

We initially designed and developed our Heritage Window Panels specifically for a conservation site where the requirement was for no visual impact or change to the look and feel of the building.  In addition these offer easy install and maintenance of fans, high security as there is no external grille, improved thermal insulation, and also addresses health and safety issues at high level through negating the need for external access.

Superior casing

Contrary to popular belief you can put a fan above a cooker – if it’s an rhldirect.com fan that is.  Unlike competitive solutions you can put one of our fans as little as a meter above a cooking source.  This is because our fans are manufactured from a polycarbonate ABS mix with fire retardant which provides a robust and high temperature resistant casing. Not only does this give you more choice in fan location but also a more effective ventilation system and removal of cooking moisture and odours.


Because our fans are almost silent and can be fixed in any orientation without affecting performance (wall, ceiling, window) they can be placed anywhere around the home.

rhldirect.com products are optimally designed for the environment they work in

Part of our design criteria is for ease of maintenance and long life. So for example, our kitchen axial fans are unique in that they incorporate a removable dish washable stainless steel mesh. This protects the automatic shutters and fan blades from grease and dirt giving reduced maintenance, longer life and thereby lower cost of ownership.

Environmentally Responsible

rhldirect.com offer low watt fan solutions as standard, all our products conform to the WEEE directive and the housings are fully recyclable.  Our fans therefore satisfy the concerns of all who demand environmentally sound solutions.

Your Investment is protected

We are highly confident in the reliability and quality of all our products.  However we understand that you would normally expect a guarantee from a manufacturer. We therefore offer a lifetime* guarantee on the MagLev levitation motor and a 5 year guarantee on all other products and parts

*lifetime is 50,000 hours