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Part of the Heritage range of ventilation products, the WINDOW FRAME FAN (WEASEL) is of slim design, fits onto the window head and extracts through the window vent so is discrete, unobtrusive and secure.  It is an ideal solution where no external appearance of a fan or grille is allowed and can be used in new buildings or retro fitted. The WEASEL fan continuously extracts quietly, removing humidity and stale air from the whole house and in particular from bathrooms and kitchens.

It is recommended as a safe solution for the installation of window fans in high rise living accommodation or “difficult to reach” places, as it does not require there to be external access for the initial fan installation or maintenance and all works are carried out from the interior of the building.

The fan incorporates a powerful 8 watt brushless long life energy efficient motor which is specifically designed for continuous extract. The operation of the fan is fully automatic and no user adjustment is required. A remote AUTOSTAT with pull cord override is available as an additional option.

The WEASEL is available as standard as a 240V fan with the option of a 12V remote transformer for use in bathrooms and wet rooms.  When installed in the bathroom and kitchen it provides a comprehensive whole house ventilation solution and offers the optimal extraction for the dwelling whilst conforming to Building Regulation Part F1.

Features and Benefits:
  • The WEASEL is slim line design and fits onto the window header adjacent to the horizontal window reveal, The fascia body of the fan overlaps the passive vent port so provides a discrete and unobtrusive solution.
  • The WEASEL is suitable for installation both in the kitchen and bathroom simplifying the complete installation and maintenance process
  • The fan is fitted from the inside making this a safe solution for high rise or difficult to reach installations
  • As the fan is not integrated into the window but positioned and attached onto the window head, it can simply be unscrewed and replaced
  • As a continuous extract system it improves the dynamic insulation properties of the building saving on the carbon footprint
  • There is no opportunity for an intruder to remove the fan and lean through to undo the window catch.
  • For builders, the building can be completed and the fans installed by the electrician at a later date
  • Incorporates an energy efficient brushless motor  which is effective and quiet:
  • The remote AUTOSTAT (humidity controller) is perfectly in tune with normal living conditions and;
    • Responds to changes (and uniquely, small changes) in air humidity requiring no manual adjustment to retain the air quality in your home
    • Incorporates a data-logger that captures humidity, temperature and fan operation providing details on the dwelling air quality for improved condensation control management

RHL Window Frame Fan


The Heritage range comprises a range of products that are elegant and an ideal solution for conservation/heritage areas where no external appearance of a fan or grille is permitted.  They provide additional security by design and typically are exceptionally easy and safe to install in difficult to reach locations or high rise buildings.


240V fan wiring

RHL 240V WINDOW FRAME FAN wiring diagram

12V fan wiring

RHL 12V WINDOW FRAME FAN wiring diagram

General Notes on Fan Installations

The fan position should be as far as practical from the main source of air replacement. This is to avoid short-circuiting of the airflow. If using the optional remote AUTOSTAT this should be positioned 100mm down from the ceiling on an internal wall and not above a heat source. Optimally located to sense moisture sources.

And for the Specifier…….

The WEASEL window frame Fan is installed onto passive vent slop located at the top of the Kitchen/Bathroom window frame. The fan will include a dc brushless motor capable of extracting 76m3/h @ 80Pa  of not more than 8 watts and IP 54.  The fan can be remote switched or Autostat humidity control, 12 v remote transformer option.

Product Datasheet (in PDF format)