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About AS2 Kitchen Fan AS2 Kitchen Fan is a stylish yet robust 240V fan designed for effective humidity control operation within kitchen environments. All AS2 Kitchen Fan kits include a remote AUTOSTAT smart humidity controller which can be placed away from the fan. This fan is particularly useful when it is important for the humidity [...]

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About BluRay 150 & 100 Auto Continuous Kitchen, Bathroom and Utility Fan The Sub Surface BluRay fan is a multifunctional app-controlled high performance, dehumidifying fan designed for the particularly demanding condensation control requirements of kitchen, bathroom or utility room environments. As well as a multifunctional fan controlled by an app, it includes speed control (and reversability for [...]


About BluRay DRYVENT 150 Kitchen Fan The BluRay Dryvent 150 fan is a multifunctional smartphone app-controlled high performance dehumidifying fan. It is designed for the particularly demanding condensation control requirements of kitchen environments. This fan also includes speed control, and is particularly effective for damp conditions. Basic operational setting = as a Dryvent unit to [...]


About MIXVENT inline duct fan MIXVENT TD Inline Duct Fan is a commercial strength inline high pressure extractor fan for ducting systems and conditions of high air flow resistance. All MIXVENT TD fans include the combination of a powerful motor factory matched to a mixed flow impeller. This motor and impeller combination enables the MIXVENT [...]


About PYROVENT 210 Fan The PYROVENT is a smart vent, protecting from smoke spreading through communal ventilation systems. PYROVENT 210 FAN includes its own integral extract fan with extract rates suitable for kitchen and bathrooms.Using proven technologies in innovative ways, the PyroVent Fan 210 is a unique product with the ability to sense smoke, heat [...]


About RHL Warm Air Dehumidifier Kitchen Fan The WAD 150 Warm Fresh Air Dehumidifier Kitchen Fan is a fully automatic, with dual actions of both intake and extraction of air, with the benefit of warming the fresh external air when it is drawn into the building. This unique feature is available using a single vent [...]