Otter Fire Safe Bathroom Fan

A ventilation solution for an existing block of flats.

We were asked to recommend a ventilation solution for an existing block of 96 inner city dwellings comprising a mixture of 3 bedroom maisonettes and 1 bedroom flats.  The bathrooms and WC’s in the properties were all internal, adjacent to each other and situated at either side of a vertical ventilation shaft which descended 4 floors depth into the building.  The “communal” extract vent units were roof mounted.

10-15% of the properties had been purchased from the council but the occupants had no control over the vents and when switched off had no ventilation to the internal bathrooms and WC’s.

The existing ventilation system had been decommissioned because the extract solution was too noisy when in use.  The occupants frustration was compounded because noise in the bathroom and WC from a property could be heard through the vents and ducting by the adjacent property and vice versa.  In addition the solution did not comply with the current building regulations which require a fire damper solution when properties are connected by vents.  Of course by decommissioning the system there was no ventilation solution at all and this in itself was in breach of building regulations.

Our solution was to remove the existing fans from the roof, install new cowls to the exit port.  To minimize disruption we used the existing ducting and installed an Otter Fire Safe Bathroom and WC Fan in each bathroom and toilet.

The OTTER Fire Safe Bathroom Fan is a single room fan with timed overrun feature. Its fire safety properties are due to an intumescent seal contained within the metal connecting section which expands when exposed to high temperatures. This together with the use of foam filters provides the added benefit of sound transmission being reduced making it the ideal solution for communal ducted systems.  The low-watt fan system operates on an overrun proportional timer activated by the light switch.  The OTTER utilises an energy efficient MagLev motor, offering great efficiency, quiet operation and exceptionally long life .

Each individual property now has control over it’s own extract fan and limited noise transfer between properties.  This solution avoids the whole building being affected should maintenance be required and is compliant to the latest Building regulation and fire prevention requirements.  As always if you require any more technical detail on this or any other installation please get in touch.

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