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Condensation & Moisture Control: How it Affects a Building

Moisture content within the fabric of your Home Our habitat is an extension of ourselves, it forms a protective element from the extreme of the external environment and should harmonise with our need to breathe and at the same decant the spoil from our daily existence. The contaminates distilled and decanted by air contribute a […]

Ventilate to Reduce Excess Moisture in Your External Walls and Save Money

How Ventilation Can Save You Money The thermal insulation of damp walls is far less when compared to the value of dry walls. The use of intelligent dehumidification systems, as in the ones supplied by RHLdirect, has the potential to increase the insulation value of your damp walls by up to 33%. This would enable […]

Damp and condensation – don’t always believe what you are told about ‘rising damp’!

Have you ever received a surveyor’s or a damp-contractors report only for your heart to sink when you read that they have found evidence of rising damp? Perhaps you have been told that your only (expensive!) course of action to remove damp is to chip off the plaster, inject chemicals into the wall, leave it […]

Is your home ventilation affecting your health?

Can a home ventilation extractor fan be too powerful? Well, it turns out that it can be too powerful, and the consequences of that can be quite serious for the occupants’ health. Recently we carried out a full site inspection to discover mould issues in a large residence in Mayfair. A micro bacterial analysis indicated unacceptably high […]

Using correct ventilation to ease the discomfort of respiratory disease

Poor house ventilation can cause great discomfort. It is a well known fact that the environment we live in can have a major impact on our health and general well being.  A poor environment certainly caused problems for one of our elderly clients and we were pleased to assist in improving things for them. Our […]