Building Regulations Part F

The Means of Ventilation

The purpose of the Building Regulations Part F is to ensure ‘adequate means of ventilation is provided for people in the building’. According to the document, ventilation is the ‘removal of ‘stale’ air from a building and replacement with ‘fresh’ outside air.’

This particular document gives a general overview of the current regulations with an outline for ways in which these regulations can be met. Primary objective of induced ventilation is to condition air at a comfortable and safe level while protecting the fabric of the building. Building Regulation Part F for ventilation systems primarily provide for controlled humidity condition of air during the heating season.

Building Regulation Part F Requirement:

F1.- There shall be adequate means of ventilation provided for people in the building.

Building Regulation Part F Limits on Application:

Requirement F1 does not apply to a building or space within a building: A.) into which people do not normally go; or B.) which is used solely for storage; or C.) which is a garage used solely in connection with a single dwelling

Guidelines on required Ventilation Rates

Part F, recommends air flow rates for various types of ventilation systems, as well as energy conservation and cost of supply and installation information.