Bespoke Ventilation Systems

Bespoke extractor fans and ventilation systems: consultation, design, manufacture and installation.

We recognise that in some instances our customers sometimes require more than an “off the shelf” solution and as such we offer a range of bespoke services from consultation and design through to manufacture and installation. In fact around 25% of our business is based upon bespoke solutions.

As a UK based company all our products are manufactured in our Reading fabrication facility. This ensures we retain complete control and our products are made to the highest possible standards. It also provides the quickest turnaround from specification to delivery.

Consultation and Advice is a well established company and is recognised as being technologically innovative and therefore at the forefront of the ventilation industry. Indeed some of our staff have been in the industry for several decades and were involved in the conception, design and development of features which have been widely adopted throughout the industry and are now considered main stream today. As such we are often asked to provide advice and guidance on customer specific issues. If requested we can provide written reports which can for example be used for developing specifications or requesting quotations.

Unique Product Solutions and Bespoke manufacturing

If it makes more sense from a cost and design perspective to replace an existing solution with like for like products, we can emulate obsolete or other products that are no longer available from other sources or where there is a preference to source from us.

We can and have provided unique parts which fit in with specific designs, and products or complete systems for smaller individual or large scale projects. This involves onsite consultation, design, manufacture and installation.

Examples of our bespoke manufacturing service are: Extractor fans and vents for caravans and motor homes; Anti Vandal Community lighting; One off integrated Cooker hoods; Ventilation and control systems and extractor fans to specific customer requirements

Laser cutting services

We are not only able to manufacture bespoke ventilation solutions, but virtually any acrylic product that can be fabricated from a single acrylic sheet – from a simple adaptation of a standard product through to more complex designs using shape, engraving and colour to personalize or customize the aesthetic aspects of the system. It is highly accurate and simple to use as for example, designers and architects can download designs from their AutoCAD systems directly to the laser for cutting.

Examples of our bespoke laser cutting service are:

  • Passive vents and ventilators for double glazed windows;
  • Windows and double glazed panels in a range of shapes;
  • Acrylic cabinet doors plain or engraved to customer requirements;
  • Tailor made internal grilles and ventilators in a range of colours;
  • Flat bed acrylic laser cutting service.

We pride ourselves on being approachable and willing to listen and respond to our customer’s requests. By being knowledgeable and flexible we are able to offer our clients, be they contractors, architects, specifiers or home owners, innovative and versatile solutions that are fit for purpose and designed to their specific requirement.

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