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Ideal Solution for a Drier Home

The most effective and well-proven solution is having a supply ventilation source and an air extract source that runs at low level continuously, switching to a high speed at peak times – the supply and extract units being in different areas that induce cross ventilation.
Ideally, a Dryvent 150K in the kitchen – this will extract continuously and go auto high (like the Dryvent B) and in the bathroom a WAD 100B.
The WAD 100B is a Warm Air Dehumidifier; this will act like a typical extractor fan when the light switch is on, at which time it will also determine the humidity condition and extract for an appropriate time. Then at all other times it will reverse its action and provide intake air – the intake air is pre-conditioned with a 200-watt heater when the external air temperature is below 14°C.
This result is to form cross ventilation through the apartment/flat/house. This process enables the air to act as a continuous medium to decant excess moisture from your home. The air exchange will provide lower humidities throughout your living area.
The WAD 100B will fit on to existing 100mm ventilation outlets.

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